Nagasaki Mental Company Limited

1 Company

Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd. is a company which mainly deals with mental health issues among workers and is considered to be an employee assistance program (EAP) company.
Established in June 2015, Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., currently has approximately 150 client companies, mostly located in the prefecture of Nagasaki, Japan, such as Nagasaki’s major newspaper company, ship building companies, public offices, hospitals, universities, nursing homes, and others.
The total number of workers who belong to these companies is above 20,000.
The total number of companies and their workers increases every month.

2 What the Company Does

The following are the major services of Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd..

(1) Stress Check

Stress check is a system that is mandatory for those companies in Japan that have more than 50 workers.
Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., conducts the stress check for these companies.
Stress check is done through a questionnaire on paper or through the internet using computers/smartphones.
For the convenience of companies that employ non-Japanese workers, Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., offers the stress check questionnaire written in seven foreign languages: English, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Nepalese, and Vietnamese.

(2) Counseling

Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., does counseling when client workers and/or companies require it.
Our counseling is based on Behavior therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, and Morita psychotherapy.
Counseling in English is available.

(3) Seminars

Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., sends professional speakers to companies and/or occasions that are in need of certain information regarding mental health issues.
Typical speaker topics are depression, developmental disorders among workers, harassment in the office, preparation for retirement, etc.

3 Confidentiality

In accordance with the legal requirements of Japan, Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., stresses confidentiality as most important.
Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., never reveals any private/secret information of client individuals and companies to anyone.
In addition, the security of the computer systems of Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., is extremely strong and is always being updated.

4 President

The president of Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., is Shunsuke Kanahara, Ed.D.
He was born in 1955 in the city of Nagasaki.
After obtaining his doctorate from the University of San Francisco, USA, he became a professor at Nagasaki Wesleyan University in the city of Isahaya, a prefecture of Nagasaki. In 2019, he was conferred an emeritus professor of the university.
His major is clinical psychology.
So far, he has published several books and many theses.
Some theses were written in English and were published in American journals.
He has obtained several professional licenses, such as most advanced industrial counselor.
In Japan, there are less than 20 individuals who have a most advanced industrial counselor license.
Dr. Kanahara started Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., along with his former students from Nagasaki Wesleyan University, in 2015.

Click here for further information on Dr. Shunsuke Kanahara.

5 Staff

Most of the staff of Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., hold professional licenses and academic degrees, including a psychiatric social worker license, a clinical psychologist license, and a doctor of medicine degree.
Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., will assign staff to the client according to their needs.

6 Location and Access

Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd., is located in the industrial center of the city of Nagasaki.

AddressZip 850-0033, 102 Mitsui Building, 6-11 Manzai-machi, City of Nagasaki, Prefecture of Nagasaki, Japan.

Please feel free to contact Nagasaki Mental Co., Ltd..
Our staff will be very glad to talk with you or to see you in the future.

Please feel free to contact us.
Our business hours : 9:00 – 18:00
From Monday to Friday
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